Zubin proudly brings you the best in Olympic weightlifting with over 30 years experience and diverse knowledge. Zubin is an independent gym that was established in the early 2015, coached by former Olympian Ali Azari.

Our gym provides the support, and helps to create a healthy lifestyle using only traditional form weightlifting. Our tailored programs suit women and men, juniors and seniors, with and without any prior lifting experience.

We strive to enhance the body strength of our athletes, and help them reach their full potential in weightlifting and fitness in general. We develop the technical, psychological skills and the physical characteristics necessary to succeed at the highest levels of competition.

We have seen incredible changes in our athlete's technique, strength, consistency and most importantly confidence. Former Olympian, Coach Ali, has an excellent crew under him to guarantee improvements in all your Olympic snatch and clean and jerk lifts.

Try us today to experience the authentic form of weightlifting.

Crossfit athletes, beginners, intermediate and advance lifters are all welcome.

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