Online Coaching

Online Coaching is ideal for those individuals who are seeking training programing and technique tips and can not make it to our gym on regular bases due to the location or other circumstances. fees based on $60/month

* Full name
* Gender
* Your age
* Suburb
* Email address
* Phone number
* Have you done Olympic lifting before?

If yes , how long have you been lifting
* Name any other sport activities that you've done in past

Please provide us more details of your olymic lifting history by putting in the best numbers you have achieved (in kg)

Back squat
Front squat
Power snatch
Power clean
Snacth pull
Clean pull
Upload a video of your snatch here
Upload a video of your clean&jerk here
link to your social network account for more videos
* How many days in a week are you willing to commit to training?
What goals are you looking to achieve?
* will you be considering to participate in an official weightlifting competition in future?
* How did you hear about us?


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