One on one coaching

If you are an athlete who Want to put your lifting technique and thoughts under our head coach scrutiny , then this is ideal for you . The general idea is that the athlete receives dedicated coaching feedback sessions with the head Coach , of which some time can be dedicated to topics they'd like to discuss, and of course most time of the coaching session will be the coach's time to focus on ways to improve individual performance with the athlete's way of lifting.
so what are you waiting for?! Lets try a Coaching One on One with zubin's head coach and begin to see improvements in your lifts.
These coaching sessions only can be booked in advance by appointments outside the normal opening hours . price range based at $80/hour . Please book here:

* Full name
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* Phone number
* How long have you been doing weightlifting?
Name any other sport activities that you do or have done in past
* please put in the date and time you would like to come to our gym for one-on-one session
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